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St. Louis scrap metal prices

February 20, 2018

St. Louis is a key player in the US’s Midwestern scrap market. The major consumers in St. Louis include US Steel’s Granite works, which makes steel used in the production for tube and pipe. Alton Steel is a primary producer for special bar quality steel (SBQ),  SSAB Montpellier produces steel plate and coil, and Keystone steel and wire produces billet, rod , rebar and industrial wire.  

The St. Louis region can extend as far south as Arkansas, including Nucor and CMC and SDI in Columbus, Mississippi.  Scrap Price Bulletin assesses a broker buying price for prime grades of scrap including no. 1 busheling, no. 1 dealer bundles, and no. 2 bundles. Scrap Price Bulletin also assesses pricing for no. 1 and no. 2 heavy melting and plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under, shredded scrap, machine shop turnings, shoveling turnings, cast iron borings, no. 1 RR heavy melting, and unstripped motor blocks

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St. Louis
Prices as of December 12, 2016
Brokers' buying prices per gross ton on cars Low High
No. 1 hvy. melting 219.00 220.00
No. 2 hvy. melting 209.00 210.00
No. 1 busheling 249.00 250.00
No. 1 dealer bundles 244.00 245.00
No. 2 bundles 149.00 150.00
Shredded scrap 239.00 240.00
Machine shop turnings 109.00 110.00
Shoveling turnings 109.00 110.00
Cast iron borings 124.00 125.00
No. 1 RR hvy. melting 259.00 260.00
Plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under 229.00 230.00
Unstripped motor blocks 214.00 215.00

Market Reports

Slow export trade keeps scrap prices rangebound in St. Louis

By Sean Barry - February 14, 2018

Prices for ferrous scrap in St. Louis failed to build on the momentum gained over the previous two months in February as faltering export activity offset robust domestic demand and a slight supply squeeze on cut and frag grades.