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Regional Market Reports

Why did prices go up in one city and not in another? Did local steel production increase? What are scrap prices going to do next month? The answers are in these reports.   


Alternative Irons

Supply crimp and robust demand keeps U.S. pig iron prices firm in June

By Sean Barry - June 13, 2018

U.S. pig iron prices for Russian basic and Brazilian foundry material posted marginal gains in June as demand from mills and foundries picked back up ahead of the third quarter, while supplies remain thin on the ground.

Stable demand and tight supply keep pig iron prices rangebound in May

By Sean Barry - May 16, 2018

U.S. pig iron prices have consolidated recent gains as demand remains stable and supplies continue to come under pressure amid reports that Brazilian producers are sold out through the next couple of months.

Pig iron prices continue to rise on strong demand and tight supply

By Sean Barry - April 11, 2018

The price of pig iron in the U.S. continues to post gains as inventories remain thin on the ground and demand for material shows no sign of weakening.


Pig iron prices edge higher on steady demand

By Sean Barry - March 14, 2018

The price of pig iron in the U.S. continued to climb higher in March as demand for material remained robust and near-by stocks were thin on the ground.

Steady buying keeps U.S. pig iron prices edging higher in February

By Sean Barry - February 14, 2018

The U.S. pig iron market continued to post gains in February as demand for material remained fairly robust and allowed producers to eke out price hikes.

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