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Philadelphia scrap metal prices

November 19, 2018
Philadelphia is a broker buying market serving the mid-atlantic region of the United States. Philadelphia is also a major scrap exporter for the east coast market along with New York, Boston, and Providence, Rhode Island. During the winter months, Philadelphia is greatly affected by the harsh winter weather conditions, resulting in downtime with the local metals businesses. In turn, winter outages can severely hinder not only the domestic scrap business but the global export market as well.
Scrap Price Bulletin covers fourteen different steel and iron prices for the Philadelphia market including no.1 machinery cast, heavy breakable cast, cupola cast, other track material (OTM), rails, 2 ft. and under, plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under, machine shop turnings, shredded scrap, no. 1 foundry busheling, no. 1 dealer bundles, no. 1 busheling (mill) and no. 1 heavy melting to domestic consumers
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Prices as of September 18, 2017
Low High
No. 1 hvy. melting to domestic consumers 307.00 310.00
No. 1 dealer bundles 387.00 390.00
No. 1 busheling (mill) 387.00 390.00
No. 1 foundry busheling 447.00 450.00
Shredded scrap 325.00 328.00
Machine shop turnings 247.00 250.00
Plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under 307.00 310.00
Plate and structurals, 2 ft. and under 382.00 385.00
Rails, 2 ft. and under 382.00 385.00
Other Track Material(OTM) 382.00 385.00
Cupola cast 257.00 260.00
Heavy breakable cast 207.00 210.00
No. 1 machinery cast 277.00 280.00

Market Reports

Philadelphia market up Again in November

By Bill Beck - November 14, 2018

For the second straight month, prices are up in the Philadelphia market. Last month, prices were up a solid $20 across the board after dropping in both August and September. This month, cut grades registered another hefty $20 gain over October pricing, while prime grades were up $10.