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Hamilton, Ontario scrap metal prices

August 19, 2019

Hamilton is central to Canada’s steel manufacturing market and is a key city for Canada’s ferrous scrap market. Scrap Price Bulletin produces steel and iron prices for no. 1 heavy melting, no. 1 dealer bundles, no. 1 busheling, busheling unprepared, shredded scrap and machine shop turnings. Hamilton’s prices are reported as broker buying market. To learn more about broker buying prices, refer to Scrap price Bulletin’s methodology.

Scrap Price Bulletin reporters assess pricing in 18 major markets in the North American ferrous scrap markets each week, talking to a broad sample of market participants involved in the buying and selling of steel and iron scrap. In addition to material pricing, every month, Scrap Price Bulletin publishes a regional market reports for Hamilton that details specific transactions and viewpoints in each region. Hamilton’s market report and pricing are reported in Canadian dollar and often compare currency fluctuations to the US dollar.

Geographically nearby, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit are also covered in depth by Scrap Price Bulletin’s reporters for pricing and regional market reports giving you a complete view of the US Northern Midwest and Canadian scrap markets as they often relate to each other. 

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Hamilton, Ontario
Prices as of June 11, 2018
Brokers' buying prices per net ton on cars, in Canadian dollars Low High
No. 1 hvy. melting 236.00     -
No. 1 dealer bundles 388.00     -
No. 1 busheling 283.00     -
Busheling, unprepared 278.00     -
Shredded scrap 209.00     -
Machine shop turnings 170.00     -
Cast iron borings 170.00     -
Cast scrap 228.00     -

Market Reports

Detroit and Hamilton markets finally bounce off the bottom

By Bill Beck - August 13, 2019

After dropping $80 since May, ferrous scrap prices in Detroit and Hamilton finally began a slow upward climb in August. Detroit mills were out of the gate on August 2 with a $20 across-the-board increase. Mills in nearby Ontario settled early the next week at a $27 Cdn premium to July, equal to just over $20 US at the current exchange rate.