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Fastmarkets SPB Methodology

Fastmarkets SPB prices are obtained in trade based on representative tonnages per gross ton (2,240 pounds) delivered to the consumer unless otherwise stated. The broker buying price is the price of scrap delivered to the consumers minus the freight and commission. The broker buying price thus represents the price of processed scrap loaded onto railroad cars, trucks or barges FOB the processor or dealer’s yard. Prices are the opinions of Fastmarkets SPB editors and correspondents, based on contacts with dealers, brokers, generators, processors, and users in the industry on the effective date listed for the week.


Scrap Trends Outlook Methodology

Methodology: A numerical value is given to the overall trend for the upcoming month after all the survey results of a series of 15 indexes are calculated based on a weighted average. A number close to 50 will give a ‘sideways’ or ‘unchanged’ reading, while numbers above 50 will give a reading for a bullish trend. The closer to 100, the more likely it is that prices will trend upward. Conversely, a number below 50 will give a reading for a bearish trend. The closer to 0, the more likely it is that prices will trend downward. N/A means there were too few survey responses to publish a reliable figure.