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Regional Market Reports

Why did prices go up in one city and not in another? Did local steel production increase? What are scrap prices going to do next month? The answers are in these reports.   


St. Louis

Chicago sideways, St. Louis settles softer in December

By Bill Beck - December 9, 2021

After talk of continuing strength for shredded and cut grades in the week before Thanksgiving, participants in the Chicago and St. Louis ferrous scrap markets came back to a changed dynamic on the Monday following the holiday. When Detroit mills came out sideways across the board, Chicago quickly followed suit.

Chicago, St. Louis markets settle lower than Detroit in November

By Bill Beck - November 10, 2021

After a more contentious settlement than in Detroit, the Chicago market established November numbers somewhat lower than in the Motor City. Heavy melt and plate and structural grades were up $50, while shredded traded in the +$60 range.

Chicago, St. Louis Markets Follow Detroit on Primes, Up on Shredded

By Bill Beck - October 12, 2021

The Chicago and St. Louis markets were quick to follow the lead of Detroit, which came out at down $20 on prime grades and sideways on pretty much everything else. But a continued shortage of shredded material in both regions pushed the price of the bellwether grade up $10 for October.

Chicago, St. Louis Markets Deviate From Detroit

By Bill Beck - September 13, 2021

While September markets in Detroit and points east along the lower Great Lakes generally concluded trading prior to the Labor Day Holiday, it wasn’t until this week that markets in Chicago settled.

Chicago, St. Louis markets match Detroit offering in August

By Bill Beck - August 9, 2021

After Detroit mills settled at no change for prime grades and down $20 on pretty much everything else, some mills in the Chicago and St. Louis markets attempted to push prime grades down $10 and shredded down $30, but they came to the table when strong dealer pushback in the Midwest became apparent.

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