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Manufacturing Industry

If you’re buying a lot of steel and processing it then you’re generating enough steel scrap to seek a return on it. Fabricators and other metal processing facilities have left over steel from the manufacturing process that can be sold to scrap yards, dealers, brokers or even a local mill or foundry. This type of prime scrap can usually be classified into either No. 1 busheling or No. 1 dealer bundles. Fastmarkets SPB has these grades available at a regional level.  

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Fastmarkets SPB, often referred to as Iron Age, has been covering the steel and iron scrap markets for more than 160 years and is the weekly source of ferrous scrap metal pricing. Covering 18 markets in the US and Canada, Fastmarkets SPB provides a credible benchmark for use in negotiating contracts, price modeling, analyzing market conditions and developing strategies for any business reliant on the ferrous scrap markets. In addition to our regionally assessed prices for steel and iron scrap, Fastmarkets SPB provides alternative iron pricing, regional production data for the steel industry and monthly outlook information on the availability and future price trends of ferrous scrap.