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November market seesaws toward strong sideways

By Bill Beck - November 9, 2020

After all the tumult and the shouting, the November ferrous scrap market wound up a strong sideways, a trend that many in the community had been predicting since mid-October.

Market expectations firm ahead of Nov settlement

By Sean Barry - November 2, 2020

The outlook for the North American ferrous scrap market continues to brighten heading into the monthly November trade negotiations this week amid strong export demand and high finished steel prices that have edged past $680 per short ton. 

Nov mart set to find support from export pickup

By Sean Barry - October 26, 2020

Steady domestic demand and renewed buying activity at the nation’s docks is expected to underpin the ferrous scrap market heading into November, according to the latest Scrap Trends Outlook. 

Balanced market conditions set to keep Nov prices flat

By Staff - October 22, 2020

The North American ferrous scrap market is poised for a soft sideways move in November as adequate supply flows are expected to be met by a recent pickup in export activity and stable domestic demand.

Consensus growing that mart finally hit bottom

By Bill Beck - October 14, 2019

North American ferrous scrap prices appear to have finally cratered after suffering another round of heavy losses in October, according to market sources.

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