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Regional scrap metal pricing for 18 major markets in North America.

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About Our Prices

Fastmarkets SPB is the weekly source of ferrous scrap metal pricing relied upon for decades, when it was called its original name: The Iron Age. The editorial staff has been entrenched in the markets for more than 40 years. Covering 18 major markets in the US and Canada, Fastmarkets SPB provides a credible benchmark for use in negotiating contracts, price modeling, analyzing market conditions and developing strategies for any business reliant on the ferrous scrap markets.

Fastmarkets SPB produces regional pricing for:

Boston Birmingham Buffalo Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Detroit Hamilton, (ON) Houston Los Angeles New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh San Francisco Seattle-Portland South Carolina St. Louis Youngstown

Pricing is provided for cut, frag, industrial and prime grades including: 

Angles and splice bars Automobile cast Busheling, unprepared Cast iron borings Cast iron borings, foundry Cast scrap Clean auto cast Cupola cast Drop broken machinery cast, 2 ft. and under Elec. furnace bundles Elec. furnace, 1 ft. and under Elec. furnace, 3 ft. and under Foundry steel, 2 ft. and under Heavy breakable cast Heavy turnings Low-alloy punchings Low-residual, black foundry busheling Low-residual, ductile-quality shredded clips Machine shop turnings Mixed borings and turnings Mixed cast Mixed yard cast No. 1 busheling No. 1 busheling (mill) No. 1 dealer bundles No. 1 foundry busheling No. 1 heavy melting No. 1 heavy melting to domestic consumers No. 1 machinery cast No. 1 RR heavy melting No. 2 bundles No. 2 heavy melting Other Track Material (OTM) Plate and structurals, 2 ft. and under Plate and structurals, 4 ft. and under Plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under Plate and structurals, low alloy, 2 ft. and under Punchings and plate Rails, 18 in. and under Rails, 2 ft. and under Rails, random length Reroller rails RR specialties Scrap rails, random length Shoveling turnings Shredded scrap Steel car wheels Stove plate Unstripped motor blocks

Stainless Steel:

18-8 bundles and solids 18-8 turnings 410 bundles and solids 430 bundles and solids


Brazilian-Basic Russian Ukrainian - Basic Brazilian-Foundry Hot Briquetted Iron - HBI