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Rails, 18 in. and under scrap metal prices

June 21, 2022
Logistics and transportation are vitally important when it comes to any successful steel mill or mini-mill business.  Some mills depend heavily on the US railway system to transport their scrap metal. But when it comes time to lay new track material, old rail has got to go.  In this scenario, the rails take on a different role—as profitable scrap yard material in their own right. This material is classified as rails 18 in. and under, but can also be referred to in some circles as “Rail, Steel No. 2 Cropped Rail Ends.”
Rails 18 in. and under scrap includes standard sections, with original weights of 50 pounds per yard and over, 18 inches long and under, as specified by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.
Scrap Price Bulletin offers pricing coverage of this particular grade of rail scrap in Cleveland’s brokers’ buying market. 

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Rails, 18 in. and under
Prices as of April 19, 2021
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