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Mixed yard cast scrap metal prices

June 21, 2022
Mixed yard cast and mixed cast are very similar types of cast iron scrap and the terms are interchangeable; however, there are a couple of very small differences between the two terms. First, mixed yard cast may contain a small percentage of porcelain while mixed cast will only include cast iron scrap pieces. Mixed cast is often the term used when referring to the cast iron scrap that is coming from a supplier while mixed yard cast is the term commonly used when referring to cast iron scrap that is already in the scrap yard.
Mixed yard cast may include all grades of cast iron except burnt iron such as stove parts, grate bars, and other miscellaneous burnt iron pieces. Dimensions should not be over 24 inches x 30 inches and no scrap piece should be over 150 pounds in weight, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.
Scrap Price Bulletin produces mixed yard cast pricing in several markets across North America including the Seattle-Portland market along with the New York market. 

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Mixed yard cast
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