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Low-residual, black foundry busheling scrap metal prices

June 21, 2022

Low residual black foundry busheling is classified as 1000 series black carbon steel scrap. The thickness of this metal grade must be at least 1/8 inch and over, but it must not measure more than 12 inch x 24 inch. Other parameters for low residual black foundry busheling are subject to the agreement between the supplier and consumer as specified by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Additionally, the manganese content for low residual black foundry busheling must not exceed over 0.50 percent. This metal grade may contain sheet clips, stampings, drops, clean wrought iron, and soft steel pipes.

Scrap Price Bulletin provides pricing for the low residual black foundry busheling grade in the Chicago market. It is a delivered to consumer price that is updated weekly with low and high pricing. 

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Low-residual, black foundry busheling
Prices as of April 19, 2021
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