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410 bundles and solids scrap metal prices

June 24, 2019

Stainless steel 410 bundles and solids is a common grade purchased by mills in North America. As part of the 400 series of stainless steel metals, 410 bundles and solids are classified under the ferritic family. 410 bundles and solids are classified by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries as straight-chromium alloys not hardenable by heat treatment and only slightly hardenable by cold working. It is a magnetic material with good ductility and moderate resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Its chemical makeup includes 12 – 12.5% chromium with reduced carbon content and a balanced amount of iron.

Stainless steel 410 bundles and solids have many applications within the automotive industry, chemical processing, distillation towers and separators, and other applications where oxidation and corrosion are not considered priority issues.

Scrap Price Bulletin produces 410 bundles and solids pricing for the New York market. Additional grades of stainless steel pricing are published by Scrap Price Bulletin in Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit.

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410 bundles and solids
Prices as of April 16, 2018
Stainless Low High
New York - 410 bundles and solids 270.00 295.00