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Trend Analysis

Read Trend Analysis every week for a detailed look at the factors that influence the supply/demand balance and ferrous scrap prices.  Whether you track shredded scrap in Chicago, No. 1 heavy melt in Pittsburgh, or plate and structural in Detroit, it's all relative to the trend of the market.  


The calendar may dictate July sideways movement

By Bill Beck - July 3, 2017

By the time you read this, the July ferrous scrap market may already be moving sideways.

Market factors could align for stable or stronger July

By Staff - June 21, 2017

Prices are expected to rebound in July as stronger demand and lower supply levels could create a bullish market.

First half of 2017 is much improved over last year

By John Ambrosia - June 12, 2017

Even with the sideways to slightly down performance of ferrous scrap in June (depending on the region), prices stand considerably higher than where they were exactly a year ago. In fact, prices have been running ahead of last year in every month for the first half of 2017.

Will it be a June swoon or late spring fling for scrap?

By Staff - May 22, 2017

A slightly healthier supply of scrap is expected to meet a mill demand nearly even to last month’s levels, which would keep June’s scrap market sideways to down, respondents to the Scrap Trends Outlook monthly survey say.

May could be heading up, with sideways a possibility

By Staff - April 20, 2017

Although almost no one expects prices to fall next month, sellers and buyers are still somewhat separated on how the May market will shape up.

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