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Trend Analysis

Read Trend Analysis every week for a detailed look at the factors that influence the supply/demand balance and ferrous scrap prices.  Whether you track shredded scrap in Chicago, No. 1 heavy melt in Pittsburgh, or plate and structural in Detroit, it's all relative to the trend of the market.  


Steel import tariffs set to boost scrap market in April

By Staff - March 23, 2018

Prices for North American ferrous scrap are forecasted to continue posting gains in April amid expectations of strong demand following the recent roll out of a 25 percent import tariff on steel products.

Scrap prices could move up or stay sideways in March

By Sean Barry - February 23, 2018

Robust domestic demand and early signs of renewed export activity look set to put a solid floor under the North American ferrous scrap market in March, with the Scrap Trends Outlook Trend Indicator number continuing to be bullish at 65.1, its highest level for the month since the Outlook started nearly eight years ago.

Ferrous scrap mart shaping up for positive February

By Sean Barry - January 22, 2018

The North American ferrous scrap market is showing early signs of positivity heading towards next month in the wake of firm demand domestically and overseas, while the lingering impact of brutal winter weather in many parts of the country could keep stocks snug.

Start of the New Year set to bring higher scrap prices

By Sean Barry - December 20, 2017

Ferrous scrap prices in North America are expected to continue rising in early New Year trading and build on solid gains achieved in December, with the Scrap Trends Outlook trend indicator number surging to 71.6, a record high since the Outlook began in April 2010.

Ferrous scrap market braced for positive December

By Sean Barry - November 21, 2017

The North American ferrous scrap market is expected to finish the year on a positive note despite the holiday period amid a confluence of factors such as easing supply flows, robust demand and steady export trade.

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