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South Carolina scrap metal prices

July 17, 2017

South Carolina is the only market Scrap Price Bulletin covers that is contained in the South Atlantic region of North America. Several key players in the industry can be found in this region—among them are SMI, Georgetown, Nucor, AmeriSteel, Chaparral and Gerdau. Scrap Price Bulletin’s coverage of the South Carolina market includes pricing for a wide range of scrap grades—including prime, cut, frag and foundry material.

Scrap Price Bulletin assesses several grades of delivered to consumer ferrous scrap prices including no. 1 heavy melting, no. 2 heavy melting, no. 1 dealer bundles, no. 1 busheling, shredded scrap, plate and structural scrap (2 ft. and under and 5 ft. and under), no. 1 RR hvy. melting and unstripped motor blocks.

In addition to South Carolina, Scrap Price Bulletin features weekly price assessments focused on more than 15 major North American ferrous scrap markets. Also included in your paid subscription is online access to pricing analysis in the form of weekly regional market reports. These market reports call attention to specific pricing trends while offering valuable insights into market behaviors.

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South Carolina
Prices as of May 16, 2016
Low High
No. 1 hvy. melting 258.00 260.00
No. 2 hvy. melting 248.00 250.00
No. 1 dealer bundles 288.00 290.00
No. 1 busheling 288.00 290.00
Shredded scrap 278.00 280.00
Plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under 268.00 270.00
Plate and structurals, 2 ft. and under 304.00 305.00
No. 1 RR hvy. melting 278.00 280.00
Unstripped motor blocks 223.00 225.00

Market Reports

Supply shortage pushes prime up $10 in South Carolina

By Sean Barry - July 12, 2017

A lingering shortage of material helped push up prices for prime grades of scrap $10 in South Carolina this month, while steel mills were still fairly active in the market despite the summer lull and export demand remains steady.