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Pittsburgh scrap metal prices

April 15, 2019

Pittsburgh is mainly a consumer buying scrap market with limited concentration with processors/brokers. Scrap Price Bulletin produces pricing and trends analysis for no. 1 heavy melting no. 1 dealer bundles, no. 2 bundles, no. 1 busheling, shredded scrap, machine shop turningscast iron borings, plate and structurals 5 ft. & under, punchings and plate, rails 2  ft. & undercupola cast, heavy breakable cast and stainless 18-8 bundles and solids.

For processors/brokers, Scrap Price Bulletin covers 18-8 bundles and solids and 18-8 turnings. The mills nearby the Pittsburgh market are Elwood, US Steel ET Works, AK Butler, Timken, Republic, Koppel, Standard Steel and assorted neighboring mills in Ohio.

Geographically nearby, Youngstown, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Boston and New York are also covered in depth by Scrap Price Bulletin’s pricing reports. The regional market reports Scrap Price Bulletin provides gives you a complete view of the US Northern Midwest and Northeast scrap markets, as they often relate to each other. 

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Prices as of February 5, 2018
Low High
No. 1 hvy. melting 334.00 335.00
No. 2 hvy. melting 324.00 325.00
No. 1 dealer bundles 359.00 360.00
No. 2 bundles 204.00 205.00
No. 1 busheling 379.00 380.00
Shredded scrap 354.00 355.00
Machine shop turnings 209.00 210.00
Shoveling turnings 209.00 210.00
Cast iron borings 209.00 210.00
Plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under 349.00 350.00
Punchings and plate 589.00 590.00
Foundry steel, 2 ft. and under 299.00 300.00
Heavy turnings 214.00 215.00
No. 1 RR hvy. melting 379.00 380.00
Rails, 2 ft. and under 439.00 440.00
Rails, random length 359.00 360.00
RR specialties 399.00 400.00
No. 1 machinery cast 369.00 370.00
Cupola cast 334.00 335.00
Heavy breakable cast 279.00 280.00
Stainless: 18-8 bundles and solids 1,275.00 1,300.00
18-8 turnings 1,175.00 1,200.00
Processor/brokers' buying prices
18-8 bundles and solids 1,300.00 1,325.00
18-8 turnings 1,200.00 1,225.00

Market Reports

Oversupply pushes scrap prices lower in April

By Sean Barry - April 8, 2019

Ferrous scrap prices fell in April as an oversupply of material outweighed the impact of lingering delays on the river network, with prices crumbling anywhere between $20 to $30 per gross ton from last month.