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Houston scrap metal prices

May 22, 2017
Houston is a broker buying market that is exceptionally positioned for scrap exporting—specifically to Mexico.  While Houston is approximately 360 miles from the Mexican border, the state of Texas itself has 29 official US ports of entry, more than any other state, according to the CBP website. Mexican mills receive a majority of Houston’s scrap material via railway, while Houston docks deal primarily with obsolete scrap exports to international markets such as Turkey. 
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Prices as of March 21, 2016
Brokers' buying prices per gross ton on cars Low High
No. 1 hvy. melting 101.00 102.00
No. 2 hvy. melting 91.00 92.00
No. 1 busheling 111.00 112.00
Shredded scrap 116.00 117.00
Machine shop turnings 61.00 62.00
Plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under 111.00 112.00
Unstripped motor blocks 80.00 81.00

Market Reports

Houston, Southwest markets are sideways for May

By John Ambrosia - May 10, 2017

Markets in Houston, Texas and the Southwest in general tended to follow the sideways patterns of most of the Southern regions of the country this month.