Continuing Iron Age's Century-Long Tradition

About Scrap Price Bulletin

The source for steel and iron scrap prices for scrap brokers, generators, distributors and manufacturers with weekly assessments for scrap prices in 18 major markets across North America.


Weekly Pricing 

Each week, Scrap Price Bulletin provides ferrous scrap and alternative iron pricing for the 18 major scrap markets: Birmingham, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Hamilton,ON, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle-Portland, South Carolina, and Youngstown. This information is based on actual transactions from dealers, brokers, generators, processors and users. Save your favorite prices in the "My Prices' section for quick access to the pricing you reference most. 

Historic Pricing

You'll have access to steel and iron scrap metal pricing for all the major scrap markets from 1995 through to the present. Create customized price histories and download your data for reports and price tracking. 

Special Regional Market Reports

In the monthly market reports, we'll give you a detailed view of transactions to bring transparency to the markets.  We'll detail the mill buys (including material and volumes), provide insight into market forces driving prices up or down and explain what they're likely to do in the coming months. You'll also have access to archived market reports that date back to 2000.

Create a Customized Chart

Compare scrap prices in five different cities or compare five different grades of scrap in one city. With the online chart tool, you can easily create customized charts using ferrous scrap prices, alternative iron prices and production data that stretches back to 1995.

Unique Insight From Industry Experts

Each week in Scrap Price Bulletin, you'll find insightful commentary on market conditions from one of our editors, who collectively have been covering the industry for more than 40 years. Every month, you can read equally thought-provoking Scrap Magnet columns on our website, with the latest trends in the scrap industry from one of our reporters. 

Scrap Trends Outlook

Each month, Scrap Trends Outlook gives you a chance to listen in on the emerging industry conversations about the upcoming scrap market. It is a unique way to discover what a broad spectrum of metals industry players think about the near-term future of scrap markets.
The Scrap Trends Outlook uses information gathered from experts, to produce a guide to industry perceptions of where the next monthly market is heading. Unique to Scrap Trends Outlook, perspective is broken out by scrap grades, supply and demand, market factors and specific outlooks for regions, buyers and sellers of scrap.  


Iron Age's Century Long Tradition

The Iron Age pioneered scrap metal reporting and continues to be the pricing authority, trusted for 160 years. Scrap Price Bulletin continues the tradition of Iron Age by providing transparency in ferrous pricing, regional market reports, short term forecasting, trend analysis and market commentary. Scrap Price Bulletin is the industry standard for pricing contracts and scrap market research and has been at the forefront of scrap metal price discovery. View more of Iron Age's legacy.

About Scrap Price Bulletin's editorial team:

John Ambrosia
John has written about metals since 1990, when he began contributing articles to Iron Age/New Steel Magazine. In 1993 he was named a correspondent to the Iron Age/Scrap Price Bulletin. John has a B.S. in journalism and a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University. As a journalist John has worked for the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times and has won numerous national, regional, and state awards for articles and columns on topics ranging from health care to investigative reporting to feature writing.
Bill Beck
Writer and historian Bill Beck has covered the iron and steel industry since the 1970s. He has more than two decades of experience writing about business history. He wrote his first history for Minnesota Power in 1985, and has more than 75 published books to his credit. He is currently writing a 150th anniversary history for Gardner-Denver Corp. in Quincy, Illinois. Beck is a 1971 graduate of Marian College, Indianapolis, and did graduate work in American History at the University of North Dakota. Beck started Lakeside Writers’ Group 21 years ago following ten years as a business reporter for newspapers in Minnesota and North Carolina and seven years as the senior writer in the public affairs department at Minnesota Power & Light Company in Duluth, Minnesota