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No. 2 bundles scrap metal prices

September 17, 2018
No. 2 bundles is a prime grade of industrial ferrous scrap and is old black and galvanized steel sheet scrap, hydraulically compressed to charging box size and weighing not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot. This grade of scrap may not include tin or lead-coated material or vitreous enameled material. This definition is specified by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and listed in their annual scrap specifications circular. 
Scrap Price Bulletin publishes a no. 2 bundles price in five markets across North America including Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle-Portland, St. Louis and Youngstown.
Depending on the market, Scrap Price Bulletin either assesses the material prices as a broker buying price, delivered to consumer price, or export yard price.  
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No. 2 bundles
Prices as of July 17, 2017
Delivered to Consumer Low High
Pittsburgh - No. 2 bundles 169.00 170.00
Chicago - No. 2 bundles 287.00 288.00
Brokers' buying prices per gross ton on cars
St. Louis - No. 2 bundles 169.00 170.00
Cleveland - No. 2 bundles 144.00 145.00
Cincinnati - No. 2 bundles 154.00 155.00
Youngstown - No. 2 bundles 144.00 145.00
Buffalo - No. 2 bundles 129.00 130.00
Birmingham - No. 2 bundles 129.00 130.00
Prices delivered to export yards per gross ton on cars
New York - No. 2 bundles 168.00 170.00
Boston - No. 2 bundles 148.00 150.00
Prices delivered to domestic consumers per gross ton on cars
Seattle-Portland - No. 2 bundles 78.00 80.00