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No. 1 busheling scrap metal prices

December 10, 2018

No. 1 busheling is a prime grade of industrial scrap metal that’s generated off the factory floors of manufacturers and other metal processing facilities. The no. 1 busheling price has been used as a key performance indicator for the United States automotive and manufacturing industries.

No. 1 busheling is defined as clean steel scrap, not exceeding 12 inches in any dimensions, including new factory busheling (for example, sheet clippings, stampings, etc.). As specified by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, no. 1 busheling may not include old auto body and fender stock.  Also, this grade of ferrous scrap is free of metal coated, limed, vitreous enameled, and electrical sheet containing over 0.5 percent silicon.

No. 1 busheling is assessed by Scrap Price Bulletin reporters in twelve markets across North America including Birmingham, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Hamilton,Ontario, Houston, Pittsburgh, South Carolina and St. Louis

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No. 1 busheling
Prices as of October 9, 2017
Delivered to Consumer Low High
Pittsburgh - No. 1 busheling 339.00 340.00
Chicago - No. 1 busheling 332.00 333.00
Brokers' buying prices per gross ton on cars
St. Louis - No. 1 busheling 309.00 310.00
Detroit - No. 1 busheling 237.00 238.00
Cleveland - No. 1 busheling 294.00 295.00
Cincinnati - No. 1 busheling 212.00 213.00
Buffalo - No. 1 busheling 319.00 320.00
Birmingham - No. 1 busheling 254.00 255.00
South Carolina - No. 1 busheling 328.00 330.00
Prices delivered to export yards per gross ton on cars
Boston - No. 1 busheling 258.00 260.00
Brokers' buying prices per net ton on cars, in Canadian dollars
Hamilton, Ontario - No. 1 busheling 205.00     -
Brokers' buying prices per gross ton on cars
Houston - No. 1 busheling 166.00 167.00